Dorje is a multi-award winning Actor, Voice Over Artist and Director, with an Acting Degree from NIDA as well as a Film Degree and Law Degree from Murdoch University.

He is one of the leading Voice Over Artists in the country, and is currently the voice of both SBS and Universal Channel. 

As an Actor, he was the recipient of the prestigious Mike Walsh fellowship, and recently part of the ensemble that secured the 2018 Award Award in Film/Video Charity for "The Big Deal"

As a Voice Over Artist, he voiced the 2018 Silver Siren Craft Award Winning NSW Water Radio spot, and has been recognised with numerous Promax Awards for Promo's for SBS, World Movies, UKTV and Showcase.   

As a Director, he was the winner of the Jamesons Hot Shots Film Award and the Audience Award for the Open Road Film Festival, for films he both wrote and directed.

Dorje is one of Australia's hardest working actors, consistently appearing on stage and screen across the country.

In 2019 he has starred in Darlinghurst Theatre’s Small Mouth Sounds and is soon to appear in the Sydney Theatre Company production of The Real Thing at the Sydney Opera House.



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